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Mr. Heartland Bear

who will be the next
mr. heartland bear?

January 12 & 13 2024


Each year the Show-Me Bears hold the Mr. Heartland Bear competition in St Louis, MO. The winner is awarded to a contestant that best embodies the spirit of the bear community. The goal of the competition is to increase interest in the bear community and support the contestants’ individual platforms and causes within the greater LGBTQIA+ communities.

The competition is open to men from the states immediately adjacent to Missouri, plus Indiana and Ohio. The Mr. Heartland Bear competition is designed to promote the Show-Me Bears in the heartland region. Previous contestants have come from all over the Midwest:

Missouri - Illinois - Iowa - Nebraska - Kansas - Oklahoma - Arkansas - Tennessee - Kentucky - Indiana - Ohio


All types of men, self-defining as bears, cubs, polar bears, admirers, chasers, and more have competed. Past title-holders have been non-members and members alike. The Mr. Heartland Bear title carries benefits each year, as part of the prize package, including a leather vest, bar tabs, HiBearNation run fees, and riding in the Pride Parade in St. Louis (along with a special place in our hearts).

For more information on the competition, please contact us at

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