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8pm at JJ's Clubhouse

Everyone welcome!

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Dear HBN Friends & Family:


I want to get an update out to all of you on our planning.  We continue to monitor the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Those that have already purchased their discount registrations for HBN 26 in November continue to ask about the hotel.  We are still in negotiations with the hotel as there are predictions that this virus may hang around longer than we think.  We have asked for some terms to protect us as well as all of our participants in case this prediction does come true.  Rest assured we will be providing the hotel discount code once it is in place to each and every registrant.  Please stay safe and healthy out there during this trying time and remember to get diagnosed early if you have any symptoms.


Michael Dunning

HiBearnation 26 Event Chair

HiBearnation 26

Bear Feast

November 19-23, 2020

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