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The Show Me Bears is a social and charitable fundraising organization whose aim is to promote interest in bears. The Show Me Bears is registered with the State of Missouri as a nonprofit charitable corporation. Through a variety of annual and special events, we raise money for local and regional HIV/AIDS-related charities.

General membership meetings are typically held on the second Saturday of the month, beginning at 8 p.m. at our home bar, JJ’s Clubhouse. Meetings are open to all members, their guests, special invitees, and those interested in learning more about our organization.

For a list of upcoming events, please click on the Events link above.  We have specific pages/sites for our two major annual events, Mr. Heartland Bear and HiBearNation.

 Your Donation to The Show Me Bears will be Greatly appreciated and will go towards Sponsored Charities.

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BEARtending for Charity

EVERY Saturday (3-9 PM)
Show-Me Bears Happy Hour
JJ's Clubhouse

Guest BEARtenders each week!
Wear your SMB Member shirts for extra discounts. For more info. or to volunteer, email


2021 Board Members

Mike Schwartz |
Phil Touchette |
Michael Dunning |
Joe Flack |
Troy Dunlap  |
Chris Dexter |
Paul Thompson |

HiBearNation 26 Committee

technology Committee

  • Joe Flack

  • Jason Friederich

  • Phil Touchette